The Strategies In Rental Boss Will Help You Build Your Real Estate Business Through The Rental Markets

and you don't need a big database of people to sell to

Dear fellow real estate agent,

When I first got my real estate license, it was a total shock to me that I didn’t have any business. I would show up to the office every single day trying to learn as much as I could in hopes of soon making the big bucks. 

One day, I was sitting at my desk browsing the internet looking for an apartment for myself. Getting started in real estate cost me more money than I thought and I could barely afford anything so I needed to move. 

I stumbled upon many rental websites and some of them offering really nice deals just for using their service. I began to get curious. Next, think you know, I started seeing more and more ads for rental services. Seeing those got me questioning. I wondered how these companies made money. 

I stopped searching for myself and decided to start searching for the secret to these rental companies. I quickly found out that they were just real estate agents and that I could do the same thing. I set out on a mission trying to figure it out. 

It took me a while but I did figure it out and I became really good at making money with rentals. 

I became addicted after my first check

When I started helping people with rentals, I didn’t realize how easy the job was and how easy it was to get paid.

But here’s the reason why only a small number of agents are actually doing this

When many people decide to become real estate agents, they only dream of buying and selling homes. I did the same thing. I could care less about doing a rental. All I was thinking about was getting a $30,000 check from selling a million-dollar home

When I finally joined the business, I didn’t realize how hard that was going to be. It was going to take time and experience. I felt like I was running out of time, and money, plus, I definitely didn’t have any experience.

There's REAL MONEY in Rentals

Here’s the best part: Apartment communities pay real estate agents top dollar for sending them tenants!

I found a quicker and easier way to make money in real estate. It’s a shame that more agents don’t know how to do this.
I have mastered a simple process that allows me to: 

1. Get new clients

2. Help those clients find their next rental

3. Get paid

 It’s that simple. Now, there’s more to it but that is essentially what I do.  When I started this, I was a rookie real estate agent struggling to make money. I was willing to try just about anything. Over time, I mastered rentals and now have a thriving business that includes renters, buyers, and sellers.  I want to save you the time you can get going in days not months 

I’ve put all my knowledge in an easy to follow yet tactical program called Rental Boss

Here’s what you will get in this power-packed training:

- The best reasons agents should do leases (8 modules)

- Attracting high-ticket lease clients (6 modules)

- Building solid client relationships (5 modules)

- High-level marketing tactics and strategies (12 modules)

- How to show properties the correct way (3 modules)

- Becoming a preferred agent with apartment communities (13 modules)

- Working a lease from start to finish (6 modules)

- Converting renters to buyers for even more commission (2 modules)


By the way, you won't need any additional licenses to be able to do everything I teach you.

If you’re like me and you like instant gratification, this is for you because your results will be so quick, it will feel like it’s instant.


I want to sweeten the deal even more when you enroll, you will also get:

Access to my private facebook group that will allow you to ask questions on demand and be a part of my private real estate entrepreneur community

My proven email templates that I actually use in my business.

My “Apartment Community Hack” which will teach you how to find the hottest lease clients

When you sign up, here’s what will happen:

1. You will be given your login information to view all of the course content

2. Study and practice the course content at your own pace. You can go as slow or as quick as you want.

3. You will be invited into my private Facebook group where I share tips, tools, and secrets that will help you be a better real estate agent

4. The course can be accessed from any device and at any time.

5. Download my scripts and marketing materials to use in your business.


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Course Curriculum

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