What's Included

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

    Each week, join in on a live virtual coaching session with Chastin which will give you clarity into your business practices and activities. $1497 Value

  • Private Online Mastermind Community

    You are not alone. You will be surrounded by likeminded individuals who will help not only motivate you but also keep you accountable for hitting your goals. $647 Value

  • Members Area Access

    Access an on-demand private library of 50+ videos covering a wide variety of topics to teach you how to do things and also help you out in every situation you'll encounter. $997 Value

  • Priority Referral Partnerships

    You will be a member of our nationwide referral network where business deals are shared and referred from myself and agents on a daily basis. $597 Value

  • Workbooks & Forms

    We will keep track of your growth month after month through your Power Book. This will help hold you accountable with to-do's and homework. $97 Value

  • Bonus Programs & Materials

    You will have access to additional programs and materials to help in other areas of your business including marketing, social media, getting started, and more. $997 Value

You Will Also Receive

Your Power Unit Membership also includes these special bonuses

  • Lead Gen Playbook Course

    Lead Gen Playbook is an on-demand digital resource for anyone looking to grow their real estate business through tried and proven lead generation strategies, systems, and techniques. When you implement the strategies shown in this playbook, you can almost guarantee a steady stream of leads and referrals. $197 value

  • Power Unit File Vault

    All of the files a real estate needs to run a profitable real estate business. These are actual files that have been and are currently being used in my real estate business today. Most of them will require edits or duplication. These can be used at your discretion. This is 100% a file vault for you to have access to these documents. $497 value

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Let The Shift Happen

The one thing that I wish I had when I started real estate was a qualified real estate coach. 

I noticed that all successful people have mentors and coaches to help them reach new levels. Unfortunately, I also noticed that there was a hefty price tag associated with all of the good coaches. 

I wanted to be able to offer quality group coaching and mentorship at an affordable price so that all of my real estate agent peers could have a fair shot at building their real estate business.

From there, I formed The Power Unit

The Power Unit is a high-level online mentorship and coaching community led by myself. This group is made up of real estate agents looking to take their business to the highest levels possible. The Power Unit also allows each agent to network with other agents to gain insight, ideas, and also referrals.

There has been a tremendous shift in the real estate market so it's important to align yourself with someone who is still, to this day, selling real estate in this competitive market. 

Area One

Building On Reality

We will take a close look at where you currently are and outline what needs to be done within the next 12 months for you to reach your goals. You can't keep track of where you are going if you don't know where you came from. 

This will lay the foundation for our accountability piece of the coaching. We need to take a close assessment of your business and identify the areas of opportunity. 

Area Two

Generating Business

If you have no business then you have no money. Generating business is your most important job, if you can't pull business out of a hat, you're not a true real estate magician. During this phase of coaching, you will learn how to generate business like a pro. Not having quality business will never be an excuse anymore. 

This will begin with lead generation practices, marketing, advertising, and building a book of referral partners. 

Area Three

Implementing Systems

Multi-million dollar companies run on a series of systems. Having a million-dollar company is not a one-man or one-woman operation. In order to grow and have longevity in your business, you must use the right systems. 

When I talk about systems, I'm not just referring to a CRM. I'm referring to every aspect of your business. This includes marketing systems, follow up systems, engagement systems, retention systems, growth systems, and more. 

Area Four

Leverage & Growth

Once you've learned how to put in the work, it's time to scale your business and operations. This is whee you really grow. You will put yourself in the CEO's chair and build out a true company. 

You will learn how to manage your income, delegate tasks, hire, fire, and expand. 

Area Five

Mindset & Motivation

Mindset is everything. You must input the right things into your brain in order to output the right things. We are going to take it a step further. For us, mindset is not about simply me and you, it's about getting you leads and your clients in the right mindset to complete a deal and become raving fans of your business. 

You will become a master at asking the right questions and saying the right things. This area is one of the most important areas in the whole program. 

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